Dubai Miracle Garden, The Largest Flower Garden in the World

Dubai Miracle Garden

The opening of the garden Dubai miracle transformed the landscape dry desert in Dubai to the largest flower garden a natural in the world, arid Dubai is not a place you expect to find in it the largest park natural flowers in the world, but once again become the state specializing in excellence as usual and unexpected, there are in Dubai as well as the world's tallest building and the tallest hotel in the world.

Maraquel Garden is located in Dubai land near Arabian Ranches, and opened on the day of festival of love, and contains more than 45 million flower through the area 72,000 square meters, as well as the traditional flowers, featuring displays like topiary with blooms fashioned in the form of hearts, stars , igloos, pyramids, and so on, is intended as a tourist attraction which should attract a million visitors a year, has been developed by the company landscaping Akkar, and will introduce a change of flowers each season so that repeat visitors a new experience every time

He said the developers of the park it was possible to develop this oasis in the desert, through the judicious re-use of wastewater, through drip irrigation, provides a winter in Dubai for a period of optimal growth and flowers will close the park at the height of summer

More than 45 million flower blooming in stunning designs, shapes and structures awesome, eye-catching color combinations that have been achieved through 45 flower varieties and different color. Miracle Garden is one of the Noahaa in the region and the world to offer such a unique and extravagant entertainment destination in the outdoors.
Miracle Garden has a record in the Guinness Book of Records for the longest wall of flowers gives a new milestone for the Miracle Park and the city of Dubai, which is believed to be the leader in the field of diverse cultural and tourist attractions
Dubai Miracle Garden is now open to the public 10:00 to 10:00 on weekdays and 10:00 to midnight on the weekends and public holidays, it will be closed in late May, and re-open in October.

The Largest Flower Garden in The World

Phase 1 of the Dubai miracle garden include:

  • Flower huts
  • Castle flower with stunning design
  • Fall flower
  • Flower arc path
  • Hearts flower path
  • Path umbrella
  • Tents flowers
  • Village Mushrooms
  • Ferrari region
  • Merry Holiday area
  • Lamps lily flowers
  • Area car
  • Fall flowers region
  • Flower river
  • Apple flower structure
  • Gazebo area
  • Falcon
  • Boats flowers
  • The art of flower design 3D
  • Lake and fountain
  • Fauna of the region

Khalifa tower of 18 meters high was built with flowers Walking path shaded tunnel hanging flower baskets add a romantic vibe to the park. Seven flower pyramids, including one with a huge knowledge of the United Arab Emirates designer of flowers Five domes and distributed in the middle of the garden, shaded by colorful flowers called chains seating areas Shops, food and beverage and ice cream, a large variety of sandwiches, corn and desserts, fruit juices and cocktails, Garden Cafe miracle, distributed among the areas to sit under hanging baskets of thousands of multi-colored flower. Flower Clock A masterpiece of technology, a form of art and the first idea in Dubai. The huge clock of flowers about 13 meters in diameter, made ​​of real flowers and plants with the design of the change in each season (twice a year), show Dubai time, birdie out of the house of wood and tweet every 15 minutes. Peacock is the most colorful species of birds, Eugdthelath Mosques, men and women

The second phase Butterfly Garden brilliant: In the form of the 3D garden designed and decorated with flowers. A total of about 1,800 square meters enough for 300 people per visit, consists of 9 domes, fill each dome in different colors, sizes and types of beautiful butterflies, and not only that between these domes will have a museum butterfly attractive and beautiful garden flower Butterfly. And will be built all designs are constantly on the subject of a butterfly garden
Souvenirs: Looking for the perfect gift for family or friends, or simply want to make your visit a memorable one, the perfect place is a souvenir shop for you. Sell ​​a variety of related products and Pferashh goods with the logo and slogan garden butterflies garden miracle that can remind you of your visit
Aromatic plants in the garden: In this region will grow stronger plants and aromatic nature of medicine from all over the world, more than 200 countries. Visitors can touch, smell and make a cup of tea of their own, fresh from the garden. We will have seating areas and service counters to provide cups and seats for the convenience of visitors.

Edible plants in the garden: Where people can pluck from trees and plants to make their own salad vegetables or fruits to make fruit salad, based on their choices. Diane and flowers made ​​of different stunning designs.

Dubai Miracle Flowers Garden