Mauritius, The Nature African Land

Mauritius Africa

The island of Mauritius traces the African continent, discovered by Arab sailors several centuries ago, and then left after that and found it uninhabited and does not constitute coveted them, as they did with the other islands many Agnm by European colonizers later, and now it is inhabited islands and number about two million.

  The island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean is an independent republic (since 1968), and away from the island of Mauritius, Madagascar, about 860 kilometers, an area of ​​about 2,000 square kilometers, which is a volcanic island rising up to the tallest mountains just 827 meters.
  Mauritius Island is famous for its picturesque nature, which makes it one of the favorite tourist destinations for tourists the world of nature lovers, and includes a Mauritius places World Heritage, a peninsula me Mornay Brabant:
  And includes the island of Mauritius giant basaltic rock rising 556 meters above sea level, and is characterized by numerous caves and rare plants that do not exist anywhere else in the world.
  It is worth mentioning that this tragic story of the Rock in the late seventeenth century, was this rock is a shelter runaway slaves (slavery days) from the police. When was the abolition of slavery was sending a group of police for them to tell them that they become free, but they did not understand their language and they threw themselves over the rock, so this place celebrates UNESCO as one of the tragedies of humanity.