River Virzaska, The Purest River in The World

River Virzaska Swiss length of 30 km mountain river in the emerging Pizzo Baron and flowing into Lake Maggiore, and he is known for his clear turquoise waters and colorful rocks vibrant, as well as the treacherous currents. Bridge Virzaska is just a few kilometers from the river

Virzaska River Valley (Valley Virzaska) is located in Ticino, the Italian-speaking region in Switzerland, chestnut trees thrive at the bottom of the valley. Water is crystal clear, and do not exceed a depth of 10 meters. In the average temperature of 7-10 ° C
River originates Virzaska 30 kilometers in length and Pizzo Baron hurt in Lake Maggiore, in Italy, located in the river valley in Italian-speaking region of Switzerland, which is a popular tourist destination. People come from all over the world to see the turquoise waters of the River Virzaska, scuba diving, and most of them prefer to take pictures of the river Virzaska of the mountains that surround it, or of the many bridges that were built above it, but the photographer Claudio wanted to offer a different perspective and be able to take pictures of celestial very clear a dive into the waters of the river almost.
The source of the River Virzaska on the highest peaks in terms of Sonojno follows the valley of the same name, and down to Kuribo and hurt in an artificial lake. Colored water clear Kelzimrd and pristine nature that we take him Djalnh appreciated destination in the summer. During the season hot spots where the water is calmer turn out to be an invitation outdoor pools and beaches, especially in the area surrounding the Afirtazo,
River Virzaska is a real gem found in the midst of the natural wildlife of this valley and a paradise for lovers of diving under the water, in the spring and summer, when the water level is at its highest level, Lake valley give the perfect appearance, thanks to its water-colored emerald clear, the river Verzasca very popular .
The river is a popular place as the site for diving, and the valley is used for bungee jumping, diving conditions are usually better than late spring to early autumn, and the side of the river and its tributaries are also suitable for the practice of other sports such as kayaking.
Water River Virzaska cool somewhat, and requires caution when entering, gravel and rocks wetlands can be sticky, and can be transformed into a swirling serious danger, over the past few years to River Commission Virzaska River launched information campaigns, landmarks and safety advice to ensure that this entertainment district Fine do not become the scene of a disaster