Top 5 Places To Celebrate The Most Romantic Honeymoon

Honeymoons are the perfect fuel to start your never-ending life of Love. Who does not want a Honeymoon where the sand is swept away from beneath you by the waves that kiss your feet, or one where you are surrounded by natures green canopy while you stand hand in hand with your soul mate! Have a look at some of the best honeymoon destinations in the world.


Greece’s rich history, exceptional food and mesmerizing beauty make it an ideal place to set off on honeymoon, spending at least a few nights amid the postcard beauty of Santorini. Overlooking the cerulean seas and typified by white walls, this is the Greece we’ve all dreamt of.

Enjoy a leisurely stroll with your loved one into the village of Karavastasi and grab an ouzo with the locals at one of the many cool little taverns dotting the town. Wind up the honeymoon sailing out to the smaller-still island of Sifnos for a few nights at one of Greece’s best-kept secrets, Elies Resort. An exceptional hideaway with great eats, far removed from reality and a perfect place to relish each other’s company, it makes for an absurdly romantic setting.


Colombia oozes romance with a buzzy nightlife, top shelf fresh catch, and surprisingly impressive wellness offerings. Check out Cartagena, where pastel buildings in the old city house some of Colombia’s best dining options. Grab a lunch reservation at El Boliche Cebicheria—a favorite and a well-kept secret—that serves the freshest and most uniquely Colombian fish dishes in all of Cartagena. Be sure to take an afternoon walking-tour, meandering through the charming streets and getting a sense of the city's colonial history. Rest up at the most luxurious hotel in the city, Casa San Agustin, and while in Cartagena be sure to grab a table at new restaurant Carmen where you can enjoy exceptional Caribbean fare in a jungle-like setting. Before you leave make sure to arrange a rum tasting and grab a table at the famed La Cevecheria.

The MaldivesSouthwest of Sri Lanka, this small nation of islands is tailor-made for ocean-obsessed couples. With snow-white sand and aquiline-blue waters, the Maldives is home to some of the planet's most idyllic islands—and sunsets that will make your heart melt.

With every island comes a new resort, so the that private island oasis you've been dreaming up is ripe for the taking. Long time favorite, Soneva Fushi, is hard to beat. As the pioneer of the now oft-cited barefoot-luxury movement, you're welcomed to the island by your very own private butler (aptly-named Mr. Friday) to indulge your every whim.

Indonesia has always been a honeymooner’s favorite. It has that exotic appeal that makes it worthy of the occasion yet the luxury of somewhere that will bring that sense of marital bliss. While Java entices with the ancient stupas of Borobodur, Lombok invites an adventurous side and Bali speaks for itself; for a honeymoon that has it all - without the crowds - Sumba stands out on its own. More precisely, Nihi Sumba does. 

Sequestered in the heart of an undiscovered island paradise, the exclusive Nihi Sumba hugs the white sands of the Indian Ocean to create a remote hideaway. An island deeply-rooted in its culture, there is a spiritual connection to be found here that serves to energize and invigorate even the most laidback of honeymoons. Amid the beautiful, unspoilt landscape, the palm trees reveal a place perfect for any couple, whether they spend their days beneath the surface scuba-diving, rustling up a nasi goreng in a cooking class or exploring local villages and customs on an island tour. This is one somewhere you’ll come for your honeymoon - and every anniversary to follow.


It’s nearly impossible to find a more ideal backdrop for a honeymoon than the cascading pink petals of Japan in spring's cherry blossom season. Those blushing flowers are indeed ephemeral despite the seasonality of their abundance. And in truth, there’s never a bad time to honeymoon in Japan.
For the zen side of things, make your way to Kyoto, where the city’s hundreds of shrines and temples take you for a step back in time. Make it a spa trip by visiting one of the country's thousands of natural volcanically-warmed hot springs known as onsen (Japan is home to nearly 10% of the world’s active volcanoes), or spend your days in Tokyo, sampling some of the finest, most precisely-crafted drinks and cuisine in the world.