Reasons Why You Need To Travel To Bora Bora Paradise Island

Bora Bora is a small island in French Polynesia northwest of Tahiti in the South Pacific. It's hard to imagine anywhere on earth with so much concentrated beauty in just one place. The lush little island surrounds small islands surrounded by sparkling white sand and a blue lake surrounded by coral reefs. In the heart of the island, there is an extinct volcano with a single peak, Mount Otemano, penetrating the sky at 2,385 feet.

Matira Beach

Matira Beach is often mentioned as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. This one-mile stretch of magnificent white sand lies on the southern tip of Bora Bora, lined with luxurious palm trees with a magnificent backdrop of lush green hills. Matira is located on either side of the private beach, and is the only public beach on the island which is worth a visit and is free for anyone. The swimming and snorkeling are great here and the fine white sand falls gently in a warm, shallow sandy lake. The seabed is flat and sand, free of sharp corals, so it is easy to walk. It is an ideal place to bring children to joy in the warm, calm waters. During the low tide, it is possible to wander from Matira Point to the reef barrier, the water is very shallow.

Mount Otemanu

You can see Mount Otemanu from anywhere on Bora Bora Island. Its rugged black slopes are spectacular in contrast to the surrounding green forest and azure azure lake. While all areas of Bora Bora are the result of an ancient volcano, fortunately they are now extinct, Mount Otemano and Mount Bahia are the most visible remains. Mount Otimano is 2,385 feet long and is a popular destination for hiking. You can only hike to the base, even with the help of a local guide. It is impossible to reach the top because of fragile volcanic rocks, which can not support normal human weight, although this does not mean that thirsty climbers do not try. According to locals, no one has been able to do so yet. However, the mountain is beautiful and so wonderful that the trip to the base is worth it just to get some really stunning photos. Look for the World War II guns scattered around the forest as well as some of the old local massacres.

Tahiti Pearl Market

Tahiti Pearls are among the most beautiful and popular in the world, and the Tahiti Pearl Market is a family-owned company that cultivates and equips jewelry and sells the wonderful pearls harvested locally. Their adventure began on Takarwa Island and grew into a much larger process that is now cultivating pearl oysters in five coral islands in the Toiamoto archipelago. Different locations produce a wide range of colors, sizes and quality. This traditional trade in Tahiti provides employment opportunities for a large number of indigenous people - only one of these farms employs 40 people on a small atoll in Ahe. Divers who collect pearl oysters include 20 feet underwater. Tahiti Pearl Market offers its customers the unique opportunity to choose the pearl of their choice among thousands of pearls and install them to the settings they desire.

Bora Art Upstairs

Bora Art Upstairs is located in the center of the village of Vaitape, and boasts the best permanent collection of paintings in Bora Bora, representing ten local artists with more than 100 original works inspired by the Polynesian culture. Artworks are created in different styles and techniques using different media: acrylic and oil on canvas, paper or wood, watercolor, lithograph, replica, prints, posters, tiki, tapa, and pareos. The exhibition also offers books on local art. One of the local artists represented in the exhibition is Marco Lundi, who has a number of paintings made of acrylic and oil, on canvas or paper, in addition to some copies and posters.

Vitamin Sea Bora Bora

The colorful Vitamar Sea Hotel has a famous character around the famous Bora Bora Island around the world with its wonderful trips to Bora Bora Island. You can choose a half-day trip, in a group or private, including smooth sailing across the lake, stunning views of Mount Otemanu, passing beautiful rays in clear, shallow waters and taking you close to where the lake opens onto the ocean. Enjoy a refreshing swim in the warm waters and even more, a floating bar with drinks and fresh snacks. The Circle Island Tour is a great opportunity to see the entire Bora Bora Island in 6 hours, including lunch at the Bora Bora Yacht Club. The local Motu experience includes a stopover at Paradise's stunning bay for a drink at the floating bar and a lunch on the small moto.