Top Attractions You Need To Go To In Kuwait

Kuwait is an Arab country located in the Persian Gulf region. It is a rich country because of its vast oil resources. Kuwait's neighbor is the border line with Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Iran making it a geographically important country. Modern and unique architectural type makes Kuwait a famous country, which includes high-rise buildings and towering towers. Besides the uniqueness on the ground in Kuwait, there are also water towers with classic designs representing the most important engineering works.

  • Seif Palace
Famous for being the home of the royal family, Seif Palace is a stunning attraction for tourists. The Seef Palace is a magnificent display of Islamic architecture where tile work is unique. Her artwork blows the minds of visitors. The best feature is the clock tower, which is stunningly built of blue tiles and pure gold-plated surfaces. Although the Seef Palace is only used as courts for special occasions and celebrations, thousands of visitors go to Seef Palace to see the charm of this excellent building.

  • 360 Mall
Located in Zahra, a Kuwait area, is a luxury shopping place. 360 Mall is the third largest mall in Kuwait. The architecture of the mall has a touch of Middle Eastern culture. The solar park is a unique beauty in the 360 Mall, which has about 21,000 plants planted in the vertical wall and aims to improve the air and act as a vital filter. Besides shopping of any kind, you can enjoy the best dining experience there. There is also a world of entertainment with diverse attractions.

  • Mirror house
The mirror house is said to be the only house-made entirely with the mirror. The work of glass in different forms and colors illuminates the hearts of visitors with charm. We are always happy to visit the mirror house. Due to its outstanding beauty, it has appeared in many local and international programs including many countries such as China, Europe, America and the Middle East as well as numerous magazines published about its charm and architecture. Prior booking is recommended before visiting the house and women wearing high heels are not allowed to visit because of the fragile floor.

  • Kuwait Towers
Kuwait towers are basically group of three outstanding towers, which are standing in Persian Gulf with a great beauty. The main tower is 187 meters high, second tower is 147 meters high that stores water and third tower has an equipment to illuminate the two big towers. According to architect, these towers are the symbol of humanity and technology. These towers are built so beautiful that delights the hearts of visitors.

  • Kuwait Zoo
Kuwait Zoo has a tremendous collection of rare and other animals. It contains a total number of 1606 animals including dangerous species. Besides this, rare birds are categorized in five different units and each category has at least 12 species. Spectacular environment is provided to animals in the cages. The park has a purpose to educate children about animals and the way how animals are treated. There are four sections of park naming Animal Group Section, Department of Cultural center, Services section of maintenance.