Top 5 Attractions You Must Visit In Solomon Islands, Australia

Solomon Islands is famous for the beauty of the sea. Many great tourist attractions in Solomon Island that you can visit. Tourist Attractions in Solomon Islands both natural and cultural, its golden palm fringed beaches, blue waters, magnificent coral reefs and an amazing sea life. Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands have a very good rank in terms of diving. Beautiful coral reefs and colorful fish passing under the waters of the Solomon Islands. The beauty of this island nautical like buried treasure in the ocean. Not to mention, when diving you can find many remnants of World War II. 

  • Tenaru Falls
It is one of the most remote waterfalls in Honiara, so all hikers will need permission and a guide to experience its charming beauty. This starts with a visit to the Solomon Islands Visitors Bureau, which will help guide visitors to the village head, Peter, who chooses a guide to lead them to the fall. The hike itself is not difficult because the path is mostly flat, but it requires frequent crossing of the river. Along the way, hikers will enjoy the stunning beauty of the lush ocean before they finish the spectacular falls where they can enjoy a quiet swim as a much needed reward.

  • The Guadalcanal American Memorial
It was built and dedicated in 1992 to Americans and their allies who lost their lives during Guadalcanal's World War II campaign. Its opening celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Red Beach landing, which was the first major and successful US offensive in the Pacific during World War II, but had a high price. There were more than 6,000 people from the United States, Australia and Japan who lost their lives that day, and this monument was created to honor and honor their amazing sacrifices. The memorial features four wooden panels indicating the four directions where battles were fought and five marble plates featuring the names of the missing ships.

  • Rennell Island, Lake Tegano 
Located on the island of Rennell, Lake Tegano is home to the largest elevated coral reef in the world, with an area of ​​more than 215,000 acres with an amazing length of about 54 miles and a width of about 10 miles. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that covers one third of the island and is home to various endemic species including eel. The island itself is known for its rich biodiversity and its unique environment with a lush forest surrounding the entire lake. It is a popular destination for tourists, swimmers and divers, where there are nearly 200 islands, unique wildlife and the remains of many submarines in Catalina's naval planes from World War II.

  • Tavanipupu Private Island Resort
A stunning tropical paradise surrounded by expansive turquoise lake, it features manicured dotted lawns with rows of coconut palms. Located in Marao Sound, 25 miles east on a plane from Honiara, this privately owned 5-star island is one of the best kept secrets in the South Pacific. There are eleven floors on the island to ensure that all visitors visit a quiet and peaceful experience with an atmosphere of uniqueness. It offers many activities such as diving, kayaking, canoeing, as well as fishing trips and sunset cruises. Visitors can also rent boats to nearby islands and are encouraged to explore the island on foot and bicycles.

  • The Coral Sea Resort & Casino 
A beautiful seaside property just 20 minutes from Honiara International Airport. They offer a variety of amenities, but their boat charters are by far one of their best attractions. Visitors can choose the rental method they want to book from adventure trips such as fishing, snorkeling and diving to more relaxing options such as dolphin watching, island hopping, and sightseeing. Each charter is customizable and can be rented for half a day (4 hours) or full days (8 hours). A romantic boat trip for couples is Romantic Getaway, an all-inclusive trip with a picnic basket, sparkling wine and a personal chef.