7 Apps Every Traveller Need To Have On Their Smartphone

If you are an avid traveler, you will understand the importance of smartphones in the journey.

Thanks to this beautiful portable technology, we are no longer lost in the end, there is almost no language barrier, you will not worry about where you will end up sleeping in any direction and it does not take long to get home if you need to!

If you're a new traveler, you might be wondering where to start on Earth. Don't worry - here is a list of the top 7 apps to get started with.

  • Google Translate 

You are unlikely to be familiar with all the languages of any country you wish to visit, so this app is perfect.

It can help everyone from competent speakers to those who don't really know any original words about the country they are visiting. Supports 58 different languages via text and can hear 23 foreign phrases.

  • Weather Channel App

This will not only save you time and money to buy the right outfit at the last minute of the holiday, but will also help you pack more efficiently and possibly lighter travel. Best of all, this app is available on Android and iOS phones and is completely free.

  • Trip Advisor 

Trip Advisor is one of the most comprehensive travel apps and more than just customer reviews for local businesses.

Find travel guides to the best destinations, attractions and more. You can find accommodation, restaurants and almost everything you need on your trip, with an easy-to-use map, contact information and reviews.

  • Viber

This free WhatsApp app is a bit similar and allows you to send messages across the world for free, using an Internet connection only.

In addition, you can also make free phone calls from this app, so you know that your closest and best friend is never far away. Just make sure you are in a good connection area to avoid losing a call.

  • Trip it 

This app is perfect for those less spontaneous, who want to ensure the organization of most of their trip.

The journey is an online itinerary where you can organize and manage yourself to include everything from trip information to hotel booking confirmation, e-tickets, car rental information to local maps.

  • XE Currency

XE Currency is great especially if you are visiting multiple countries and need the latest information on currency exchange rates.

This free app uses live data but can be very useful to avoid fraud or seriously overpay when in a foreign country.

  • Kayak

This popular app is available on almost every mobile device and allows you to find answers to most of your travel questions. Compare trips, find accommodation and read guides to local areas at the touch of a button.

This free app even lets you track the status of your trip - a must for any traveler!

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