An Overview Of Australia That Every Traveler Must Know

Australia is a highly geographically diverse country and a hot spot for tourism. If you are considering going down, here is some information about Australia.

Australia overview for travelers

Australia is a continent of its own, the only country in the world to say so. It covers nearly 3 million square miles and around the continental United States. The capital is Canberra, but Sydney is the largest city with 4.2 million people. Australia's climate is very arid with milder conditions along the coast. Population centers are located primarily along the coast due to high temperatures inside.

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Australia was originally inhabited by indigenous tribes. In 1770, Captain Cook demanded land for Great Britain. In 1788, was established the first colony in New South Wales. Most colonists were convicted of criminals from Great Britain. Gold was discovered shortly afterward and Australia became a destination for immigrants seeking wealth and a new beginning in life.

On the Far North Coast, Australia is home to one of the world's most spectacular locations. The Great Barrier Reef is the dream of water lovers. With an incredible plant life, the world reef is known as a diver's paradise. A watchful eye is recommended considering the presence of a large white shark in the area.

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Australia is the Commonwealth. Federal powers are set to some extent beyond those in the United States, but there is no bill of rights. Unlike the United States, individual regions retain considerable authority over their own affairs.

People in Australia are called "Australians." The country has a population of just over 20 million, and the population is growing at a rate of 1.1 percent annually. Australian ethnicity is 92 percent European, 6 percent Asian and 2 percent indigenous. No religion dominates, but 27 percent of Australians consider themselves Catholic. Male life expectancy is 78 years while females live on average 83 years. Literacy rates are surprisingly low 85 percent.

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Australia was often considered a forgotten country. Long-distance transport changed this appointment. Now it is one of the most important tourist destinations year after year.

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