10 Family Road Trip Ideas For Parents Who Are Brave Enough To Take Them

1. Stick a suction-cup shower caddy to the window for holding things.

2. Create a pulley system for passing things back to the kids. It'll make the road trip more fun!

3. Make Post-Its for each 50 to 100 miles and give the kids a treat at each milestone.

4. Or you can skip the Post-Its and just give treats to the kids every hour if they are well behaved.

5. Buy some plastic drawer tubs and place them in the trunk for easy access to each family member's personal belongings.

6. If you're feeling handy, buy a short bungee cord and use it to attach a roll of paper towels to the inside of your car trunk lid.

7. Put little surprises in brown paper bags for the kids to open at certain stops – or make it into a game where the kids have to spot different landmarks along the drive.

8. Use a three-ring pencil pouch to hold a tablet and tie it to the back of the headrest so your kiddo can watch a movie.

9. Use a shower caddy from the dollar store to hold your kid's drive-thru meals.

10. Use a hanging shoe organizer to hold your snacks.

Source : Krista Torres From BuzzFeed

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