The 10 Most Beautiful Beaches In Australia

Australia Beach

Australia, the largest island in the world, has some of the best surfing beaches that can be found anywhere. Here, visiting the beach is a social experience as much as an opportunity for relaxation and water sports, because the beach is an integral part of Australian culture. While there will always be disagreement about which beaches are best, the next choice represents a variety of urban and regional surfing beaches that are popular among both surfers and those looking for a fun day at the beach.

Noosa Heads, in Queensland, is one of the best family beaches in Australia. Facing the north, it resembles a dead end to the ocean, with generally gentle surfing conditions that may exist on more open beaches. The famous Hastings Street is just behind the beach. Couture shops, art galleries, and trendy restaurants run along its shopper-friendly docks, shaded by lush leafy trees.

Gold Coast Burleigh Heads is famous for its pine trees background and brilliant surfing. The famous Burleigh Barrel Tube, an energy-filled pipe loved by all car surfers, is driven by hard terrain and SE winds. Just off the beach, Burleighs shopping area is a peaceful and eclectic collection of shops and caf├ęs.

Byron Bay Australia

Byron Bay, in northern New South Wales, is an alternative lifestyle capital in Australia. The modern city center, with quality restaurants and bars, is located in front of a picturesque beach. The lack of towering development adds to the clean and relaxed appeal of this original site. Near the beach sector, there are subtropical rainforests and national parks that you can easily visit.

On the northern coast of Sydney, Palm Beach is referred to as a residential suburb of the wealthy like Surf Beach. Located on a peninsula, the beach has wonderful expansions of the Pacific Ocean with a variety of bulges, and there is gentler water in the west of the peninsula in Pittwater. The ocean surrounding the jungle adds to the feeling of gentle serenity.

The most famous beach in Australia, Sydney Bondi Beach, where the Australian beach culture originated. This stunning beach, surrounded by rocky spots at either end, abuts a vast park with the distinctive charm of the ancient world. The old large Bondi Pavilion, built-in 1928, is dominated by its vast stretch of sand. Parallel to the beach, Campbell Parade is a joy to watch people.

Kiama is a 2-hour drive south of Sydney, where the beautiful Surf Beach offers a deep beach in front of pure white sand, gentle waves and an open garden with cooking facilities and picnic areas. The beach is popular among families, and many visitors come to see the magnificent view of nearby Kiama Blowhole.

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In Portsoy, in Victoria, wealthy Melbourne comes to retire for summer vacation. Situated in the far west of the towering Mornington Peninsula, Portsea Hotel boasts a spectacular beach on the rugged ocean coast as well as a quieter bay beach nearby. Stark rock formations, often formed by brutal winds, form prominently around the landscapes of the beach. The small village has a sense of privacy.

Many claim that Bells Beach is Australia's best-surfing beach. Located 100 km southwest of Melbourne along the majestic Great Ocean Road, Bells is an ocean beach that has largely been untouched with almost never-ending terrain passing through deep blue waters. The beach suddenly ends with high cliffs of yellow and orange clay. The appointment of the State Reserve, confirms its pristine status.

The Margaret River, in south-western Australia, has no match for the quality of its waves. Clear, clear water swells and forms some of the world's best and largest plate and body catch. Wonderful views across the mighty river and its mouth as it stretches to the abundant Indian Ocean. Margaret River is a mellow area full of great cafes and art galleries.

Perth Cottesloe Beach is understood to be the city's pride and joy. Outside the Perth CBD, the elegant suburb offers unrivaled views across the ocean to the magnificent Rottnest Island. The west-facing beach, part of a long strip, is a great place to watch the sunset on another day. The lavish old windsurfing club and restaurant offer a royal focal point.

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