Australia - A Place You Need To Visit Before You Die

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I have a few places on my list that I have to visit before I die. Most of these places are located next to the ocean and have wonderful beaches and wildlife in the ocean. I love the ocean and I like surfing as well as swimming with different types of wildlife in the ocean. Another major reason to visit these sites is the truly amazing sites that can be visited that cannot be replicated anywhere else in the world. Places to visit before I die are Italy, Hawaii, and perhaps most importantly, Australia.

The main reason why I want to spend a holiday in Australia is the amazing surfing that was created there. The Great Barrier Reef creates the best waves in the world for surfing. I have been very interested in Australia since I saw Point Break, and Patrick Swayze's character dies while browsing during the "50 Years Storm". I grew up thinking that dying while surfing would be the best way to die because you would die while doing something you love. Not only the Great Barrier Reef provides wonderful waves, but it is also home to a huge amount of ocean wildlife. I spent years diving in this area trying to see Australia's stunning wildlife.

Australia also has great places to visit while on holiday. Australia's most famous building is located in Sydney, Sydney Opera House. This famous landmark was shown in every shot taken from the city during the 2000 Olympics. For me, one of the best things about Australia, and Sydney, in particular, is the sheer amount of bed and breakfasts that I have to stay in. I was looking online and I saw about twenty or thirty different beds, all with different kinds of amenities. Some of these hotels that offer breakfast and breakfast received four-star services, others were more like apartments, so you care about everything for yourself. I think staying in one of these places might make your holiday in Australia even more interesting. I'll see you in Australia!

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