Top 10 Things You Need To Do In Mauritius

unique things to do in Mauritius and some of the best attractions in Mauritius.

In general, when I spend a week at a seaside resort, I want to do, nothing good. This is a kind of way to travel. But I was very surprised that I found all kinds of things to do in Mauritius. I found myself learning more about the culture and environment of this unique island, more than I expected.

In this post, we share our recommendations on some unique things to do in Mauritius and some of the best attractions in Mauritius. Some things to do in Mauritius require tours of your hotel and some island explorations. But a lot of things can be done on your resort island of Mauritius, whether you choose Heritage Le Telfair Mauritius (where we stayed) or another Mauritius resort.

Mauritius is a predominantly Hindu island with a religious and cultural melting pot. Its colonial history includes influences from the Dutch, French, and British. The architecture is inspired by all these influences, as is the cuisine, which makes foods in Mauritius more Creole, or a mixture of flavors from Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Mauritius is not built like other tropical destinations. The capital, Port Louis, can feel very intense. However, the island is full of the most important activities to do in Mauritius for everyone, from nature lovers to active travelers, to culinary travelers too. The best things you can do in Mauritius depend on your interests and your desire to be active (or not).

Top 10 things to do in Mauritius

This includes things to do in South Mauritius, where we stayed at Heritage Resorts. It also includes some attractions in North Mauritius, including things to do in Port Louis. We also have recommendations for things to do in Mauritius at night.

Explore nature conservation

Explore nature conservation In Mauritius

This was a surprise to me. It was a surprise that we enjoyed it. Heritage resorts have a special nature reserve called Frederica. You can book a Mauritius safari, in a 4x4, specially designed. During our safari, which included part of the way up, then a one hour trip, we saw what I called "Mauritius Big 5." Only native mammals to the island - bats. It was a great way to start our Mauritius trip.
After our hike, they put sunset yoga for us. But the weather did not cooperate. It was rainy and windy. Instead, we enjoyed a small snack with some healthy wellness drinks while waiting for the sunset over the mountains. After that, we took a little night safari on the way back to the resort, where we saw hundreds of deer under the driver's lamp. Their eyes are like alien glowing in the dark. Other than falling into the rain, it was much more enjoyable than I imagined, because we are not travelers who love adventure.

Mauritius Attractions Tips: This is the best thing to do in Mauritius, and a night safari is a great option to do in Mauritius at night!

Mauritius Food Tour

Mauritius Food Tour

During one of the warm afternoons, we traveled just over an hour from the Heritage Le Telfair to Port Louis. Because I found myself comparing Mauritius to the Maldives, Port Louis would beat Mali. We took the "Friends Tasting" tour of Mauritius on a historical tour through Port Louis. Our guide, Nick, has not only educated us about what we eat in Mauritius but also about his unique history. After all, Nick is the eighth generation of Mauritius - pretty cool. Our tour included recommendations on where to go shopping in Mauritius and a tour of some of the best tourist attractions in Mauritius.

Mauritius Tourist Tip: This tour is one of the best attractions in Port Louis Mauritius and one of the most important things to do in North Mauritius for anyone who loves not only food but also learns history. This was also one of the 5 best things I did in Mauritius.

Take the Mauritius Cooking Class
What to do in Mauritius if you like cooking? Take a cooking class!

Mauritius Cooking Class

Nick taught us everything about street food in Mauritius and the island's historical Creole cuisine. Then, at the Heritage Le Telfair, we learned to cook. We made a very typical Mauritian specialty that is smoked marlin with palm hearts and Mauritian chicken curry. We finished with delicious fried bananas cooked in orange juice and local Mauritian rum. Additionally, we sent the chef home with two jars of their curry powder!

Mauritius Attractions Tips: If your hotel does not offer a cooking lesson in Mauritius, try booking a cooking tour to learn about the Mauritian cuisine.

Eat local Mauritian cuisine

Eat local Mauritian cuisine

All this leads to delicious local Mauritius food. Often times in luxury resorts you end up eating a lot of the same foods you do at home, burgers, pizza, and the like. Sure, Eric enjoyed a huge burger at the Heritage Resorts Golf Club, but I enjoyed the delicious Mauritian curry that was sitting right next to it. I enjoyed many spicy curries, amazingly fresh seafood, tuna, and even savored the look

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Stand Up Paddle Boarding in Mauritius

Much like Erik imagining wandering a nature reserve, imagining that two of us (none of us is a fitness model) are doing a small rowing stand. However, we did.

I was very nervous, especially since I am not the strongest swimmer, and the currents were fairly strong. I began to find paddling on my knees until I felt a little more. Near the end, I managed to stand up. Proud moment. After that, I rewarded myself with a local Mauritian beer. Erik was better than me and was able to stand longer. However, he also had massive wiping at first.

People say SUP is actually more difficult than it seems. I disagree. It seems difficult. This is difficult. But, we did! Several beach resorts in Mauritius will offer SUP at the price. If they do that, give it a try!

Mauritius Tourist Tip: Most hotels now offer water activities like this, especially beach resorts. Or there are activity centers that you can book from your hotel. This might be something I would also like to add to things I can do in Mauritius North, where the wind is lower than the south.

Shopping in Port Louis
We stayed at the south end of the island, about 45 minutes from the airport, and just over an hour from Port Louis. I liked being south because it is far, quiet and natural.

Shopping in Port Louis Mauritius

But this means that all shopping must be done in Mauritius in Port Louis. There are few outdoor shopping malls with restaurants and harbor views. And it doesn't take long to walk to the local market from there either. It was amazing, especially since we were there on Saturday and it was crowded. It is a local market, but spices can be bought as souvenirs and some popular teas.

Free Things to Do in Mauritius Tip: Walk around Port Louis and explore the marketplace of free Mauritian landmarks.

Tasting wine in a sugar farmhouse

Tasting wine in a sugar farmhouse in Mauritius

This was another surprise. Sure, we drank good wine in the luxury resorts and even tasted a little wine. However, it was a totally unique wine-tasting experience in an old sugar farmhouse, Le Chateau. Le Chateau sommelier walked through some unique wines in the wine cellar. After that, we enjoyed the silver and china-inspired french Mauritian dinner. I felt very elegant.

Golf in Mauritius

Golf in Mauritius

When we lived in Chicago, we used to practice golf very well. Locally as well as when traveling. I enjoyed it, although I have never been so good. I enjoyed a lot of cute pastel costumes that I wore. However, it was great to learn a golf course at Heritage Resorts Golf Club. Pro Golf was very knowledgeable, patient. We learned some tricks that I had not heard of before. next station? Maybe explore PGA and golf courses in Costa Brava?

Things to do in Mauritius for a vacation with golfers: The Heritage Golf Resort is sure to be the best you can do in Mauritius if you love golf! It is a beautiful course.

Sit down and do anything - the best thing to do in Mauritius!

Relaxing in Mauritius!

After all this, it wouldn't be a vacation at the luxurious Maldive Resort without a lot of sitting and doing nothing. And we managed to click on that as well. Sometimes one of the best places in Mauritius is the beach at your own private resort! The beach is also one of the best attractions in southern Mauritius. The beach just below the south is beautiful.

The beach was great, even if the water was great during the shoulder season. We enjoyed the hot pool. It also included our sitting and doing nothing simple time from time to time served by the pool staff, such as fresh fruit skewers and water-filled. Maybe I could use more sitting and do nothing, but I will save that for my next visit.

Coconut cocktails at sunset

Coconut cocktails at sunset in Mauritius

We caught some beautiful sunsets while in heritage resorts. The best view of the sunset was from the beach area outside Jin-Jian Asian Restaurant. However, we also enjoyed a wonderful coconut cocktail at sunset from Coco Shack, just below the beach in the neighboring Heritage Awali. The bar is surrounded by a handful of twists, where we can spray margaritas directly from a coconut while listening to the waves hitting the beach.

I can get used to this, from sitting and doing nothing, to a lot of interesting attractions in Mauritius.

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