10 Credit Card Travel Hacks You Need To Start Using Right Now

earn a credit card to travel on foreign purchases

Make sure to earn a credit card to travel on foreign purchases

This is a sneaky one. When you travel to foreign countries you will likely pay for hotels and restaurants that use your card, the price will likely be in that currency. When using your card, you sometimes pay an additional 2-4% for this luxury, and not all cards will win in foreign currency. Look at the contract you are signing and it should be clearly defined if you earn points in foreign currency. Call and ask if you are unsure.

Never use a cash advance on a travel credit card

A cash advance on a credit card is bad for you but great for a credit card company. From the second it withdraws money from the ATM, it begins to collect interest fees, and not only that sometimes it can charge up to an additional $ 10 when withdrawing money from a foreign ATM. Use your debit card if possible. But ignore all this if you have a 3% + return card on foreign transactions, a $ 500 withdrawal will return your fees in points! Travel Hacked, Boi!

Save on travel insurance using the travel credit card to buy

All top travel credit cards will give you free travel insurance when purchasing an airline ticket with the card. This is one of the best savings because it can cost around $ 100 to get travel insurance for a week-long trip. Be careful, there is usually a time limit on how long it takes for travel insurance. You don't want to be injured in a foreign country, bills can easily climb over $ 5,000 for a minor injury.

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