7 Reasons Why You Need To Book Through a Travel Agent

Nothing can exceed the value of the care and personal service you receive from your travel agent. Below are our reasons why you should book through an agent for your next upcoming vacation.

Young lovely couple sitting with manager at the travel agency office prepairing for a summer vacation

Nothing can exceed the value of the care and personal service you receive from your travel agent. And don't just take our word for it - this latest article from The Huffington Post explains why more and more people are returning to traditional travel agents. Of course, we sincerely agree that this is a smart move. You're reading this blog, so you'll probably be aware of the many tricks your travel agent has to get the best possible value - often the cheapest - possible deal.

Regardless of the usual advice (booking flights in advance, choosing the right day of the week, etc.), there is one secret weapon to ensure almost always a good deal: use a travel agent.

Below are 7 reasons why you should book through an agent for your next upcoming vacation.

1. It saves you money.
Even for budget-conscious travelers, working with a travel agent to plan your next trip can save you money. Agents can access great prices, upgrades and add-ons to improve your trip and increase your savings. Travel agents are experienced - they know when the price is really low and they can suggest other ways or means of transport get you to your destination. The automated website can't do it for you!

2. They have better connections than the Internet.
Travel agents have resources and connections that the Internet does not have. Access to airline tickets, hotels and discounted extras, such as resort credit and free breakfast, can make a big difference from a great trip to an unforgettable trip. Travel agents are in a better position to register an upgrade at a better rate.

3. They have more "check out" with hotels.
A hotel (private client) can tell you "no" without a problem. But if they do deal with an agent they have more incentive to convert this “no” to “yes” to ensure repeat reservations.

4. It saves you time.
If you are going to Disney World, making a corporate trip, or planning a romantic vacation, it's best to let travel agents do the work for you. They will search for the best deals, find coupons to go out to eat, and they will do their best to upgrade your hotel room to make it the best possible experience. Think about the time you're saving ... search alone will take days. Of course, many travelers know what they have been searching for a long time before talking to a travel agent. Great! Your travel agent is there to work with you; let them know the things you want to create your dream vacation.

5. Make the most of your trip.
With your passion for travel, your agent will likely be where you want to visit with inside knowledge of where to stay and what to see so you don't miss the opportunity. The agent can help you plan a honeymoon, infants, family reunions, birthdays and anniversaries to ensure a special and memorable occasion.

6. They will re-book a flight for you.
If your flight is unexpectedly canceled, or you are really dissatisfied with your rental car - never fear, your travel agent is here! Travel agents are a great safety net you can get and they can sometimes get extra help with canceled tickets that you couldn't make on their own.

7. They can help in difficult locations and complex paths.
The travel agent comes to his/her own place when you plan a trip to a far or strange place located outside the threatened path. Your travel agent has the experience to connect you to the most enterprising bulldozer site and to make it once in a lifetime a moment that speaks to you.

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