9 Top Attractions You Need To See In Algeria

What You Need To Know Before Traveling To Algeria

Algeria is the largest country in Africa and it is located a short distance from Europe. The north, with its snow-capped mountains and a stunning enchanting coastline, is home to attractions and island cities like Algeria and Constantine, as well as some of the most magnificent Roman sites found including Timgad and Djemila, both of which are vast Roman cities perfectly preserved with barely another tourist on the horizon.

Another big draw for Algeria is the Sahara Desert. Whether it is a glimpse of the sandy seas that surround Timon or the burning mountains in the far south, this is the desert landscape of legend.

Although advising about the country is not safe to travel and some areas outside the border. Most Algerians welcome tourists warmly and are happy to share their lifestyle with any guest in their country. However, any good search for any trip to this beautiful country should be done to ensure that all travel rules are adhered to. Let's take a look at the best places to visit in Algeria!

1. Algiers

Algiers Algeria Capital Travel

Algiers is the capital of Algeria with an estimated population of 3,500,000. The city was founded by the Ottomans and is dotted with beautiful history and architecture. The Old Kasbah is a winding urban maze, as streets flow through the old town like streams. Also worth exploring is Dar Hassan Pasha, which was previously the most benign palace in the city. The interior of the house has been undergoing renovation since 2005 and unfortunately is closed to the public. The city of Algiers offers visitors from the West a stark and beautiful contrast and a wonderful glimpse into the past, present, and future in Algeria.

2. Atakor

Atakor Algeria Traveling Tourism Tour

Despite the difficult access without your transportation, Atakor Plateau, located in Ahaggar National Park, is worth the effort or inconvenience. The landscape has a red, dry landscape dotted with rough arms. The terrain is just like something straight out of science fiction, a scene that will stay with you for a long time. The highlight of the plateau is Assekrem Peak. Assekrem in the Tuareg language means "end of the world" and is an appropriate way to describe the view of the height and roughness of rugged nature.

3. Tamanrasset

Tamanrasset Algeria Travel Vacation

Tamanrasset sometimes referred to as "Tam", is a modern and vibrant city that you will find if you travel south through Algeria towards Niger. Tam has everything you could expect from a modern city including several stores, restaurants, banks and travel facilities. The city is a great base for exploring Ahaggar National Park while maintaining amenities in a well-equipped town. For various reasons, the city is currently unsafe to visit, and can only be visited as part of a full guided tour. Proof of tour must be provided with a guide upon arrival in the city. Although this is currently a requirement, it is not necessarily a bad thing as it improves visitor safety and many excursions such as 4 × 4 tours are often included.

4. Oran

Algeria Oran City Travel Vacation Tourism

Oran is the second city in Algeria, and it is a vibrant coastal city with piles of personality and beauty. Oran is an attractive attraction in its own right and has historical buildings to explore including beautiful mosques, the Kasbah and the theater. The beautiful architecture collection is the best in any city in Algeria. Oran is also a great place for scuba diving, sampling Algerian cuisine and listening to the vibrant rai music that has its origins in the city. Although there are many positive reasons for visiting the city, there are many signs of political problems in the country in the 1990s clear in Oran. The city filled the novelist Albert Camus with so much awe that he built his novel "The Plague" here.

5. Annaba

Annaba Algeria Tourism Travel

There were many geographical reasons for the Phoenicians to establish Annaba, which is still evident today and is the reason for the relative prosperity of cities. The city has a natural port that handles many of the country's exports but for travelers, the history and culture of the city, especially Hippo Regius, is the main attraction. Hippo Regius ruins are surrounded by olive trees on one side, and the sea on the other. The ruins include mosaics, bronze trophies, villa ruins, and temples.

6. Constantine

Constantine Algeria Travel Tourism

Constantine is a natural wonder that over the years has become an amazing spot for tourists. The city was the capital of Numidia and then Roman Numidia It goes without saying that politics and power always played a role here. Most of the buildings in the city can only be reached by crossing the bridge across the Grand Canyon. This gives the city a sense of imagination that has been preserved since the time of the Romans. Despite the unique way the city looks and its amazing history, there is not much to see here in terms of attractions, and tourists may find that a few days here are enough.

7. Ghardaia

Ghardaia  Algeria Travel Tourism

Ghardaia is part of a group of five cities located on the edge of the desert, but it is also a name often used to refer to the whole group. Ghardaia is a country in itself with its clothing, religion and social traditions. Guides are required to reach the beautiful Old Town or the Sidi Ibrahim Mosque. The food and accommodation here, as in most Algerian cities, vary greatly in price and quality. If you choose to visit Ghardaia while you are in Algeria, it may leave you feeling as if you have visited more than one country.

8. Tlemcen

Tlemcen Algeria Travel Tourism

As for the amazing Moroccan buildings in Algeria, there is only one option: Tlemcen. Buildings here can compete in beauty with those in southern Spain or Morocco. The city was important to the Romans but unfortunately, not much evidence was saved from those times. Sights include the Great Mosque, Eiffel Bridge and waterfalls in the nearby Tlemcen National Park. Tlemcen is distinguished for its future effects and is in the process of building the largest university campus in the country.

9. Setif

Setif Algeria Travel Tourism Vacation

Setif, one of the other cities of Algeria founded by the Romans, is located in the small tribal region of Algeria, and the sea level has exceeded 1,100 meters. The Roman ruins here deserve time to study. In addition to the Romans, the French also left their mark on the city. The city's sights include the main square and its Roman sculptures. Tourists are a fairly rare sight in this city, and for some, this may be a reason to visit and see "real Algeria" out of the beaten path, but it has its drawbacks and Western tourists should be careful.

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Some information about Algeria in the guide books may be scary. However, do not postpone it. For a safe trip, get the latest advice before traveling, talk to a knowledgeable tour operator and listen to the locals once you get there.

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