7 Things You Need To Do In Palau ( The Ultimate Palau Travel Guide )

Palau Travel Guide 2020

Palau is a small archipelago in Micronesia, located in the western Pacific Ocean. Famous for its beautiful islands, snorkeling is one of the best things in Palau. This small country is on the list of least visited countries in the world because of its remote location and limited trips that go to the country.

But this is what makes the country special. Still immune to massive tourism. So if you find yourself thinking about a vacation in Palau, this ultimate Palau travel guide can help you to prepare a travel to this wanderlust country, We hope you enjoy reading.

How to Get to Palau
There are seven countries you can travel to visit Palau. This infographic of Palau Dive Adventures summarizes where and when you can fly to the island. To check the latest airfares going to Palau, Click Here.

Palau Currency
Palau uses US dollars, so if you are from the United States, you do not have to exchange money. Visa and Mastercard credit cards are also widely accepted, but beware that American Express is generally not accepted.

Visa policy from Palau
The visa policy of Palau allows almost all nationalities to obtain a visa upon arrival or exempt a visa. The only two countries that need to apply for a visa in advance are Bangladesh and Myanmar.

The official languages ​​of PALAU
Palauan and English are the two official languages ​​in Palau. It is also common to hear the Japanese and Filipino languages ​​used by locals and workers in the country.

Things to do in Palau
Palau tourism mainly involves dive sites. The Palau dive sites are the best dive sites in the world and one of the untouched sites in the Pacific Ocean. But there are also other things you can do in Palau regardless of diving.

Here are the most important things to do in Palau that are recommended to both locals and travelers.

Golden Jellyfish Palau Travel

1. Jelly Fish Lake
Lake Jellyfish or Lake Malik is probably the most popular tourist destination in Palau. It is known to the millions of golden jellyfish that migrate the lake daily. These golden jellyfish are pungent and harmless, making swimming with them a delightful experience. One of those magical experiences in your life is to dive into this amazing lake. Lake Jellyfish is located in the Rock Islands - most of the tourist destinations are located in Palau.

2. Peliliu Island
This island is probably one of the forgotten places in world history. This is where one of the most terrible battles of the Second World War occurred. Because of its strategic location in the Pacific, the Americans fought to take over this small island of Japanese for their plan to use it as a helipad. As a result, about 14,000 US and Japanese soldiers have died in this small space for 6 weeks!

This island is also a popular diving site in Palau. However, this is one of the most remote dive sites in Koror, but the impressive Peliliu wall is known to have the deepest dive sites that include cracks, caves, and canyons.

Peliliu Palau Tourism Travel

3. The Etpison Museum
Etpison Museum is a cultural museum in Koror, Palau. Showcases Palau's rich traditions and history. It displays artifacts, legacy, ancient rock art, and paintings made by local sculptors in the country. It also has gift shops where you can buy locally made products. The museum is open from 9 am to 5 pm. The entrance is $10 per person.

4. Kayangel Island
This beautiful coral island is located in the far north of Palau. It is famous for its beautiful white beaches and an almost uninhabited island. As of today, there are likely to be fewer than 150 people living on the island, and the surrounding islands are completely inhabited.

You can go to the island by private boat, the official limited boat from Koror to Kayangel that leaves every two weeks on Friday and returns to Koror on Sunday for $ 20 per way and during a daily trip provided by the tour operators in Koror with a minimum of $ 170 per person.

There are only a few accommodations in the area but you can bring your own tent and experience a completely secluded beach. If you want to experience a comprehensive off-track destination, this atoll is a must.

5. Milky Way Lagoon
Milky Way in Palau is one of the leisure activities you can do in the Rock Islands. Lots of diving tours make this place their first stop. Aside from the wonderful turquoise waters of the lake, it is also famous for its creamy white clay which is said to make you look younger after applying it to your face and body. It is a natural mud spa treatment known to locals and tourists alike. And the best thing about it? It's free!

6. Ngardmau Falls
Ngardmau Falls is a beautiful waterfall in Babeldaob, 30-45 minutes drive from Koror. You can reach Ngardmau with a challenging 30-minute journey. So make sure to bring water shoes with you, drinking water, and the water cover for electronic gadgets and extra clothing. It is best to go here with a rental car and then join the expensive daily trips. The entrance fee is only $ 10.

7. Rock Islands
The Palau rocky islands or Chelchebab are a UNESCO heritage site and are famous for their small islands and large limestone. The islands consist of the southern lake in Palau and are located between Koror and Pelio. These islands, which number about 300, comprise the majority of the tourist areas in Palau and for good reason. The Rock Islands are famous for their unique geological formation and remarkable marine life on the surrounding water bodies. It is a world-class destination for snorkeling, diving, and swimming. Among them are German Channel, Blue Corner, Ulong Channel, and Blue Holes.

Where to eat in Palau
Taj is a restaurant in Koror that serves authentic Indian cuisine. The restaurant is also popular for seafood and gluten-free vegetarian meals. They also have a wide selection of vegetarian menus. And if you like to relax in music to accompany your food, this place will definitely be served.

Elilai is another restaurant in Koror that is famous for its good location with great views and excellent food. They also offer seafood although they are more expensive on the expensive side.

Kramer’s Cafe is probably one of the most popular restaurants in Palau. This restaurant, which serves a wide range of seafood, is definitely famous for your feeling of fresh food.

Where to stay in Palau
Palau offers a wide range of accommodations. Although it is more expensive even compared to western countries because of its remote location. However, you can still find some of them well even with a tight budget. Below is a list of the top hotels in Palau for every type of traveler.

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