9 Top Attractions You Need To Visit In Tunisia

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Welcome to Tunisia

Often seen as a beach destination, Tunisia boasts a host of surprising tourist places and things to do for those who venture into the sandy sea. This is North Africa wrapped in a single bite-sized bundle, with huge desert sand dunes, ancient gigantic ruins, and exotic cities that are home to an interlocking set of markets. Tunisia was the breadbasket in Rome, and the cultural wealth that the Romans left behind was more than enough reason to visit. But the history of Arab empires has also given the country some of the most beautiful examples of Islamic architecture in the region.

When you press your neck in the minarets of Kairouan and play a wrestler in El Jem, it is time to head to the desert to experience the desert's empty beauty. Sunken beaches on the Mediterranean coast, full of palm trees and full of gentle waves, will be waiting for you when you return.

9 Top Attractions You Need To Visit In Tunisia

1. El Jem Amphitheater
The mighty Roman amphitheater walls of El Djem go beyond the surrounding modern city. These incredibly well-preserved Roman ruins are Tunisia's most prominent tourist attractions and one of the best examples of the staging architecture that remained standing in the world, reminiscent of the Great Fist of Rome in North Africa. You can still walk in the hallways under the yard, as the gladiators did. Or, rise to the highest levels of sitting and sitting staring at the square, imagine the battles that occurred below.

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2. Djerba
If you are looking for the perfect getaway to escape from the beach, Djerba Island is inspecting all the right boxes. The island town of Houmt Souk is the main point of interest off the beach, as it is a disorganized old town area with white houses. Shopping in Houmt Souk is an attraction in itself, as there are many handicraft sellers to surf and bargain on the beach. But these sandy beaches of the coastline outside the city are the most prominent features of the island. Beaches have a date palm setting, comfortable, and get rid of all the places where summer daydreams have come true.

3. Carthage
Carthage was once a major rival to Rome, the city of the Phoenician sailors forever perpetuated in the Punic Wars. The ancient ruins of this ancient city are now located by the sea in the middle of the outskirts of Tunisia, which is a warning that even the largest cities can be turned into rubble. The ruins are extensive but widespread, and if you are lucky enough to visit the sites of ancient cities such as Ephesus in Turkey or Volubilis in Morocco, which are well preserved, Carthage may look very frustrating at first. But the remains of the World Heritage included in the UNESCO list are of great historical importance, and no tourists interested in the ancient past in North Africa should miss a visit here.

4. Bardo National Museum
Even fans without museums cannot fail to admire the enormous wandering of beautiful mosaics displayed inside Bardo. This is one of the best museums in North Africa and houses one of the most important mosaic collections in the world, all beautifully coordinated. It is a showcase of stunning and intricate art in Roman and Byzantine times, with selected pieces of cherry from every major archaeological site in Tunisia. If you only have one day in the Tunisian capital, Tunis, this museum should be at the top of your to-do list.

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5. Sidi Bou Said
Sidi Bou Said, characterized by its impossible character and surprising effect, is a village of cliffs of small dimensions that appears to have fallen onto an artist's painting. Unsurprisingly, artists have been able to keep pace with this small village for decades. White alleys, wrought iron window frames, and blue-colored doors are the architecture of the Tunisian village at its best, while the Mediterranean background is cherry on top. It is a place to spend a slow afternoon, where you can simply enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and relax in a place to shop at one of the many local craft and kiosks.

6. Grand Erg East
The vast Tunisian desert covers most of the country's interior, and the most beautiful corner of the desert is the dunes field known as Grand Erg Oriental. These beautiful sand dunes are a wonderful surreal sight of the huge waves, formed by the ever-changing desert sands. For many visitors, this is an adventure playground for sand dune rides and camel trips, but nothing beats the simple pleasure of sitting on one of these huge sandy mountains and watching the sunset over the desert.

7. Paula Regia
Tunisia has no shortage of Roman ruins, but the Bulla Regia site near Tabarka is the most interesting in the country. Here, the Roman population coped with the harsh summer climate by genius building their underground villas, which left the city's homes in incredibly good condition today. For history lovers, this is a unique opportunity to stroll around actual Roman homes, with its walls still intact. It is a glimpse into the residential life of the ancient world that you often do not see.

8. Kairouan
With so many mosques, schools and cemeteries, Kairouan has more than its fair share of monuments as the fourth most important city of the Islamic faith doctrine. The Arabic architecture here is truly inspiring, and the skyline is full of slender minarets and huge domes. But the city's back alleys are likely to steal the show. With narrow labyrinth-like corridors lined with dilapidated colorful houses, Kairouan's old town has a charming setting that is lost in time to visit here.

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9. Sousse Medina
The ancient city of Sousse overlooks the mighty fortifications of Rabat and Kasbah. This beautiful old town is a conch of ring corridors, brought in by houses painted in white, and a shopping paradise with an alluring selection of ceramics, leather goods and metalwork on display. Away from the stalls along the bustling market streets, the quiet white and blue back alleys are a magical place to dive and experience the local life.

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