What You Need To Know About Traveling To Laos [ Laos Travel Guide 2020 ]

Travel to Laos Guide 2020

Laos is a landlocked country steeped in nature, food, history, and Buddhism.

Laos is wrapped in mountainous landscapes, making it one of the most beautiful countries in Southeast Asia, even if it lacks the beaches of other countries. A great travel adventure here. You can go zip, canoeing, hiking, and cave tubes all in one day.

This place was a popular destination for parties, but since reducing the days of wild tubes, it has turned into a more relaxed, outdoor-oriented country.

Backpacking Laos is something you have to do, especially if you are exploring Southeast Asia. I loved the country much more than I thought I would!

From the bustling night markets and spectacular waterfalls of Luang Prabang to the epic mountain sunset in Vang Vieng, I have always been surprised that more and more people are not making a trip to this beautiful country.

The Laos travel guide will provide you with the best places to visit, tell you how to save money, how to get around, save costs and help you plan the best trip!

Top 5 things to See and Do in Laos

1. Visit Vang Vieng
Travelers "discovered" this small town in the late 1990s. It didn't take long to turn into a crazy and exciting city. Nowadays things have calmed down (a lot) and Vang Vieng has become a center of outdoor adventure, hiking in the jungle and lazy days on the river. There is still a party scene but now focuses on a few bars.

2. Visit 4000 islands
The southern Lao Islands are located in the south of Laos, which is a small populated island in the Mekong River near the Cambodian border. It is popular with backs and relaxed and cold vibe. Accommodation is cheap, and there is not much to do here as well as chill in the river and relax at night. You will have to take a boat from Pakse to reach the islands.

3. Relax in Luang Prabang
Luang Prabang is a slow-paced city. There is not much to do here other than enjoy the epic sunsets over the Mekong, spend time at the picturesque Kuang Si Waterfalls, and shop at the night market. Every morning at sunrise, the monks walk the main streets as they receive alms from the locals. I went for two days and stayed for five.

4. Try the Gibbon experience
This is one of the best activities in Laos. It is a chain of zip lines that connect the world's tallest treehouses, where you can stay for up to three nights. You're going to be quite off the grid, surrounded by Gibbons, and going to make some extreme nature increases. Prices vary, but a two-night package costs around 2,6803030 luck ($ 310) per person.

5. See plain jars
On the Jar Plain, there are thousands of stone jars scattered around three different locations. It is believed to be part of the Iron Age burial practices and is one of the best prehistoric sites in Southeast Asia. Legend has it that the jars were made through the Giant's race to store alcohol. Admission to Site 1 (with the best-saved jars) is 15,000 luck (US $ 175) while entry to Site 2 and 3 is 10,000 lak ($ ​​1.15) each.

Other things to see and do in Laos

1. Explore the city of Feng Chai Cave
Located near Sam Nua (near the Vietnamese border), Vieng Xai Cave City Hotel was a place of living for Levitic soldiers during the 1960s. You can see the living quarters as they were - Kaysone Phomvihane Cave even has an air pump. Guided tours are available at the Feng Chai Cave Visitor Center. Admission is 60,000 LAK ($ 6.90). The bus there is 20,000 LAK (US $ 0.25) while tuk-tuk (regardless of the number of people) is 150,000 LAK (US $ 0.75).

2. A trip to Kwang Si Waterfalls
This huge waterfall near Luang Prabang is amazing. Turquoise waters flow over the rocky edges into wonderful pools ideal for swimming. The image at the top of the page? Kwang Se! Definitely do not miss this place. Be sure to find a secret swimming pool too! (My blog post contains information on how to find it.) Admission is 20,000 LAK ($2.50), and tuk-tuk from Luang Prabang will cost between 30 to 40,000 Luck (between $3.50-4.60).

3. See Great Stupa (Pha An Luang)
The Great Stupa in Vientiane is gold-covered (a domed Buddhist shrine) and is considered the country's greatest monument. The exterior looks like a castle with high walls, but inside there are many Buddhist images, flowers, and animals. You can admire stupa from outside for free (which is what most people do). If you wish to enter, the admission is 10,000 LAK ($ 1.15).

4. Head to Vientiane
The capital and largest city in Laos is full of important national monuments and temples, such as Great Stupa and Sisaket Temple. Be sure to visit the Buddha Park which is a carved garden full of giant Buddha statues. It is the most cosmopolitan city in the country, and you will find a new and upcoming fan scene here.

5. See waterfalls on the Bulavin Plateau
Bolaven Plateau is located in Southern Laos, near Pakse, and is part of the crater formed from an ancient volcano. Wander around the area and explore many waterfalls. A bolafin ring permeates the entire hole and takes you close to all falls. Each waterfall has its own entry fee (usually between USD 5,000 to 10,000 USD / USD 0.60 to USD 15) plus your parking fee (USD 3,000 to USD 5,000 / from $ 0.35 to 0.60 USD).

Play With Elephants in Laos

6. Visit the Elephant Maintenance Center
The ECC Center is located in Sainyabuli, in 2011 by a team of elephant specialists working to protect the population from elephants in Laos. It is the best way to see elephants in a responsible manner that does not harm them. Prices start from 1,822,680 LAK ($ 210) for a two-day visit while a seven-day volunteer session costs around 3,905,740 LAK ($ 450).

7. A slow boat on the Mekong
Drift down the Mekong River on a long narrow boat with comfortable seats, home-cooked meals, and unique countryside views. You can usually find a journey from the border at Huay-Xai, which will land you at Luang Prabang. Slow boats take two to three days. Prices vary according to the quality of your tour company, but the average tour will cost you around 1,000,000 LAK ($115).

8. Fu Hin Bun Conservation Area
Mountains and forests of limestone, rivers filled with cliffs and caves await you in the protected area of ​​Pho Hin Pune in Laos. The whole area is filled with unique species of plants and animals, including macaques, tigers, and cheesecakes. (Yes, tigers.) A two-day guided tour will cost around 1,000,000 Lake (about $115) with everything included.

9. Get outdoors in Nong Kiew (Muang Ngoi)
Life in this attractive village on Nam Ao River is slow and peaceful, but Nong Qiu is a popular lottery for outdoor fans. The steep limestone slopes are ideal for experienced climbers, and many hiking trails lead to waterfalls and caves nearby. To get there, you can take a bus from Luang Prabang to Pak Mong and then tuk tuk the rest of the way.

10. Chat with the monk
On the first Sunday of every month, the monks gather at Sanga College in Vientiane to chat with tourists. You can ask them about their practice and daily life, and in return, they will practice their English.

Chat With Monks In Laos 2020

Travel costs Laos
Accommodation - Cheap accommodation in Laos. Bedrooms range around 45,000-80,000 lac (US $ 5-9) per night, although Vientiane hostels start at slightly higher prices around 52,075 lac (US $ 6) per night. A private room in an air-conditioned hostel will cost between 115,000 and 175,000 lek (US $ 13-20).

Almost every hostel offers free Wi-Fi, and most also include free breakfast. It is very rare for a hostel to have a kitchen, so don't rely on cooking your meals.

Budget hotels and guest houses are widely available, usually starting from around 110,000 LAK ($ 13) for a twin or double room. If you are looking to brag at a four-star hotel with a pool, we expect to pay at least 400,000 lakes ($ 46) a night.

Airbnb is also available, with shared spaces starting at 80,000 LAK ($ 9). The private room starts from about 130,190 lakes ($ 15). The entire price of a house or apartment is 350,000 lacs (US $ 40), although prices are generally close to 78,150 lacs ($ 50).

Food - Since the country is landlocked, food is more expensive than in Thailand, but it is still easy to eat cheap food in Laos. The cost of street food usually ranges between 15,000 and 20,000 lacs (US $ 1.75-2.30) per serving, such as grilled meat, fresh fruit, and pasta soup bowls. Traditional food at Lao restaurants, such as minced meat (minced meat salad) and sticky rice, should cost between 25,963- 43,272 lac (US $ 3-5).

Western food usually costs approximately 30,000 lak ($ ​​3.45) for fast food such as pizza or burgers. If you are looking for a meal in a restaurant, you will pay more than 100,000 Pakistani liras (US $ 11) for food with drinks. Even with a balance between western meals and local dishes, it will be difficult for you to spend more than 120,000 TL ($ 14) a day.

If you have access to the kitchen, buy your groceries. A week of groceries should cost between 216,362 and 250,000 lacs ($25-30).

Backpacking Laos Suggested Budgets
On a backpacker budget in Laos, you'll spend around 303,780 lakes ($ 35) a day. This budget will cover hostel accommodation, most of whom eat street food, drink a few drinks per night, take public transportation, and do one paid activity (or cheap temples) per day.

You will get a medium-term budget of about 564162 LAK (US $ 65 per day) for your private two-star hotel room or private hostel accommodation, taxis, animal husbandry, western restaurants, and more activities per day. In this budget, you will be able to do whatever you want within reasonable limits. If you are traveling on a budget, you will not want anything.

Luxurious budget starting at 1,657,770 LAK ($ 191) a day you'll get anything you want. Four-star hotels with pools, fine dining, cocktails, and tours - the sky are the limit if you spend that money a day!

Travel To Laos 2020 Ultimate Guide

Laos travel guide: money-saving tips
Laos is very cheap, so you will be under severe pressure to save a lot of money if you are already traveling on a budget, eating local food, not drinking a ton, and staying in hostels. However, here are some ways to save money in Laos:

Buying from the local market - buying your food is much cheaper than going to restaurants (not even expensive). If you have a budget, stick to the local market. Fresh food will be cheaper there.
Stick to local transportation - taxis and tuk-tuk may be comfortable, but they will slowly destroy your budget. Commit to public transit if you need to get around. If you need a tuk-tuk or taxi ride, ask the hotel/hostel staff what to expect to pay. This will make sure not to separate!
Avoid Western food - Western food is always more expensive than local cuisine. Although prices are not high, they will increase slowly during your trip. And anyway did you come to Laos to get a terrible burger? Local eating number!
Bottle of Water Bottle - the Water bottle with antiseptic will be especially easy to use in Southeast Asia where you cannot drink tap water. Save money and thousands of plastic bottles and get a bottle that can purify tap water for you. My favorite bottle is LifeStraw ($ 49.99).

When to go to Laos
From October to April is the best time to visit Laos. This is when the weather in the country is constantly warm and dry. (Keep in mind that mountainous regions experience cooler temperatures throughout the year compared to other parts of Laos.) It is also a high season, so you can expect larger crowds and exaggerated prices.

Elsewhere, April and May tend to be hotter, with temperatures reaching 104 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celsius). Moisture can be very uncomfortable during this time as well.

The rainy season is from late May to October. Still, a fun time to visit. Rainfall does not last long, the waterfalls flow heavier, and the wildlife becomes more active. Not to mention, there are fewer tourists around.

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