Coronavirus Live Updates: France Closes Most Companies and Spain Moves Towards Locking Down

Coronavirus Live Updates: France Closes Most Companies and Spain Moves Towards Locking Down

President Trump says it has been tested, Israel heads to surveillance, and a cruise ship exposed to the virus heads to France.

Right Now: New York has reported her second coronavirus death.

Spain moved to close the country and France closed most companies.
Spain and France announced nationwide stringent restrictions on Saturday to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

Spain has ordered all citizens to confine themselves to their homes - and are left only to buy food, go to work, seek medical care, or help the elderly and others in need.

Officials in Spain reported 1,500 new cases, the largest daily increase in the country to date, to a total of 5703. The government ordered the closure of all schools, restaurants, and bars, and extended measures taken by various regional authorities, including Madrid and Catalonia, on Friday.

France announced the closure of all "indispensable" companies until midnight, including restaurants, bars, and cinemas, after a sharp escalation in the attack from the Coronavirus. French cases doubled over the past 72 hours to about 4,500. There were 91 deaths, and 300 HIV-positive patients were in a critical condition - half of them were younger than 50 years old.

Procedures in both countries follow similar steps in Italy, the most affected country in Europe. Italy has been closed since early this week, with only groceries, pharmacies and banks allowed to operate. On Saturday, the country reported 175 new deaths, with a total of 1,441 cases, and 2795 new cases, with a total of 21,000 cases.

A cruise ship is heading to France after a positive test for two former passengers in Puerto Rico.

An Italian couple was positive for the coronavirus test late Friday, five days after they landed in San Juan, Puerto Rico, from the Costa Luminosa cruise ship.

Costa Cruises, an Italian subsidiary of Miami-based Carnival Corp, says the ship is now heading to Marseille, France.

Costa Luminosa sailed on March 5 from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on a transatlantic flight. The ship called to an ambulance when it docked in San Juan on Sunday 8 March.

Puerto Rican doctors suspected that the 68-year-old woman had contracted the coronavirus and was hospitalized. Her husband, 70, was asymptomatic. By the time Puerto Rico announced hospital admission, hundreds of passengers spent the day mingling in the ancient colonial San Juan, and the ship left the port.

It took another five days to confirm the cases. The island had no tests, so the couple's samples were taken and sent to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta.

Puerto Rican Governor Wanda Vasquez described the delay as "unacceptable."

The whole time, Costa Luminosa was at sea, and passengers were moving around freely. Offers have been canceled, but the gym, pool, and Jacuzzi are still open. Katherine Pettner, a 66-year-old passenger from San Diego, California, said that only on Saturday the crew reformulated the lunch buffet to serve passengers directly.

"No one I know has been tested on our ship," Ms. Bitner said in WhatsApp.

Costa Cruzes said on Saturday that the ship was not quarantined, but that the "health protocol" on the plane had been increased and the close communications of the passengers who had been confirmed in their cabins were isolated. Costa Cruzes also said that it does a daily check of the temperature of the crew and passengers.

The final destination for the ship is unclear. Passengers were informed for the first time that they would land in the Canary Islands, off West Africa. Then Malaga, Spain. But it now appears that Spain is suspending the arrival of new cruise ships, and passengers got a message from the cruise ship company Friday night telling them that the latest plan is to disembark in Marseille, France, on March 19.

Costa Cruzes said it will contact the French authorities to report the health status on board and that any special landing rules will be followed "strictly".

President Trump says he has been tested for coronavirus.

President Trump says he has been tested for coronavirus.

At a press conference on Saturday, President Trump announced that he had been tested for coronavirus detection on Friday night and was awaiting results, and Vice President Mike Pence announced that the European travel ban on administration was extended to the United Kingdom and Ireland.

The question of whether the President was to be tested was a matter of speculation since it first appeared that the Brazilian delegation member who visited Mar Lago was positive. Two other people who were with the president in Mar-a-Lago were positive, and many members of Congress were isolating themselves after interacting with some of the same people.

Mr. Trump, wearing a "United States" baseball cap, said he decided to undergo a test for the Coron virus after his press conference on Friday to declare a national emergency.

He said: "People were asking," Did you take the test? "

When asked when he expected to get the result, Trump said, "One day, two days."

He said, "They send him to the factory."

It was not clear whether Mr. Pence, who interacted with some visitors with Mar Lago disease, knew that the president had been tested. In response to a reporter's question about his condition, Mr. Pence said, "After this press conference, I will speak to the White House doctor's office," who previously told him that he advised him that neither he nor his wife needed to be tested.

The White House began examining the temperatures of anyone in close contact with Mr. Trump or Mr. Pence. White House staff checked the temperatures of everyone arriving at the press conference.

Journalists pressed Mr. Trump about "mixed messages," asking why he shook hands with a row of chief executives who attended his news conference on Friday as he declared a national emergency.

And he said, "It almost becomes a habit and you get rid of this habit," noting that "moving away from handshaking is a good thing."

Mr. Pence said that as of midnight on Monday, the European travel ban imposed by the federal government on the UK and Ireland will apply.

Dr. Anthony Fossey, the top US health official, said that Mr. Trump's announcement of a national emergency on Friday paved the way for a coordinated and effective response to the virus. "Now all systems are running," he said, adding that "while we gain knowledge about new tests, we will reduce the anxiety we have in the world, not only knowing what is happening but also will give the individual doctor and individual citizen the opportunity to know where they are."

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