Coronavirus Outbreak: The Countries Affected So Far

The new coronavirus (2019-nCoV), officially named COVID-19 by the World Health Organization, has spread to more than 150 countries including China, prompting the World Health Organization to declare the disease as a global pandemic. Certain new coronavirus infections have exceeded 244,000, while more than 10,000 deaths have been reported worldwide as Europe has become a new coronavirus center. Almost 64% of global COVID-19 cases are currently outside of China.

Coronavirus outbreak: The countries affected so far

Confirmed cases and deaths in the Coronavirus (updated March 20, 2020)
Novel Coronavirus 2019 officially claimed Covid-19 has so far killed more than 10,000 people globally, with 3,249 in China.

The World Health Organization (WHO) announced the outbreak of COVID-19 as a global pandemic on March 11. The United States also announced the outbreak of the disease as a public health emergency on February 1 and temporarily banned travel from European countries to the United States.

Researchers in China and pharmaceutical companies including Abbvie, Inovio, and Gilead Sciences are working on developing vaccines and drugs against coronaviruses.

According to UNCTAD’s preliminary estimates of the impact of trade, the most affected economies in the world are the European Union, the United States, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and Vietnam.

Below is a list of countries affected by a coronavirus and the number of confirmed coronavirus cases by country.

Kosovo confirmed the country's first case of coronavirus on March 13.

Before confirming the first cases, Kosovo tested more than 70 suspected cases of coronavirus, all of which turned out to be negative, as the Kosovo National Public Health Institute announced.

The Kosovo Health Ministry has implemented various measures to control the spread of the disease in the country, with several neighboring countries including Serbia, Albania and Northern Macedonia reporting confirmed cases of coronavirus infection.

The government ordered all schools and universities to remain closed until March 27 and prohibited public gatherings. Moreover, all flights and buses between the country, Germany, Italy, France, and Switzerland have been canceled.

The first cases of coronaviruses in Namibia were reported on March 14 in a couple who arrived from Spain.

Earlier, the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) reported that a 30-year-old woman with symptoms similar to coronavirus was observed in Swakopmund Hospital, Namibia, on February 01. The woman visited Sydney, Australia, and arrived at Hosea Kotako International Airport. She noted that her return trip included Chinese passengers, who wore masks and coughed. NBC added that the Namibian Health Ministry confirmed the report of the suspected case.

On February 3, the Namibian Minister of Health announced that the suspected case was negative.

The first case of coronavirus was confirmed in Eswatini on March 14.

Eswatini had previously reported a suspected case of coronavirus infection for an Iwatina woman who had returned from China. South African women's samples were tested and declared negative on February 17.

Uruguay announced the first four cases of COVID-19 on March 13. The four people arrived from Milan, Italy between March 3 and March 06.

The government has received test groups from the Pan American Health Organization to conduct nearly 20,000 tests.

Sudan reported the country's first coronavirus infection and its first death on 13 March in Khartoum. A man in his fifties was reported to have returned to the country after a trip to the Emirates as the first confirmed case.

The government declared a public health emergency in the country on March 16. All land borders, airports and ports are closed.

Sudan had previously reported two suspected cases of coronavirus infection on January 29, becoming the second country to report coronavirus in Africa. The two patients, a man, and a woman, recently visited Wuhan, the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak. They arrived in the country via Ethiopian Airlines and Egyptair from China.

The suspected cases were identified through preventive and monitoring measures implemented at Khartoum Airport. It was reported that the two cases were later negative.

The first case of coronavirus infection in Ethiopia was reported on March 13, and the mayor of Addis Ababa, Takeli Uma Banti, tweeted it. The victim is Japanese.

It was announced that four people suspected of being infected with coronavirus, and thus placed in isolation in Addis Ababa, showed that earlier test results were negative.

Three of them are students studying at universities in Wuhan.

Kazakhstan confirmed the first two cases of coronavirus in the country on March 13. The patients are two citizens who arrived in Germany from Germany on March 9 and 12. They were isolated in a specialized hospital in Almaty.

Tracking Call continues to track all passengers on the trip made by the person who arrived on March 09. Quarantine was imposed on all passengers and crew of the March 12 flight.

The country announced that schools and colleges will be closed next week and all public events will be canceled.

The first confirmed case of coronavirus was reported in Kenya on March 13. The patient is reported to be a woman who has returned to the United States from the United States and passed through London on her return trip. Test results were confirmed positively by the National Influenza Laboratory. The patient was isolated in Kenyatta National Hospital.

The government banned all public gatherings, including meetings and sporting events, after confirmation.

Kenya reported on January 30, 2020, that the first suspected case of coronavirus infection was negative.

The condition, which was first reported on January 28, 2020, was reported from a traveler from Guangzhou and showed symptoms of the disease. It was first isolated in Jomo Kenyatta
The international airport upon arrival was then isolated at the Infectious Diseases Unit of Kenyatta National Hospital. Coronavirus test results showed that a person had a cold, but not a Coronavirus infection.

Ghana confirmed the first two cases of COVID-19 on March 12. The Noguchi Memorial Institute confirmed that samples of people who had returned from Norway and Turkey were positive.

Both have been reported to be in stable condition and to track connection is currently in progress.

The first confirmed case of coronavirus infection in Gabon was reported on March 12 to a 27-year-old who recently returned from France.

Trinidad and Tobago
Trinidad and Tobago reported the country's first confirmed case of COVID-19 on March 12. The 52-year-old arrived in Switzerland from Switzerland. He was reported to have mild symptoms while undergoing treatment in Kura Hospital in St. Augustine.

All passengers who traveled with him are on board.

Greece reported its first death from coronavirus on March 12. The first confirmed infection with the Coronavirus in Greece was announced on February 26 in Thessaloniki.

The injured was a 38-year-old Greek woman who had recently traveled to Italy. Two other cases were reported later including the first confirmed child and a woman with a history of travel to Italy and treated in Athens.

A 60-year-old man was initially suspected of having coronavirus infection later a negative test and was quarantined at AHEPA University General Hospital.

Coronary virus outbreaks affected the tourism industry in Greece, with 70% of Chinese tourists canceling their holidays to Greece.

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines confirmed the country's first case of coronavirus on March 11. The injured female citizen returned from the United Kingdom on March 07. She is said to have mild symptoms of the disease.

Ivory Coast (Ivory Coast)
Ivory Coast joined the African countries with the COVID-19 coronavirus on March 11. The injured is a 45-year-old citizen who has returned from a trip to Italy. He was hospitalized in Abidjan for treatment.

Ivory Coast reported one suspected case of coronavirus on January 26, 2020. The person was a 34-year-old student, who arrived from Beijing to Abidjan. It was isolated and remained stable during the observation period.

Their samples were ultimately negative for coronavirus.

Cuba reported the first three cases of coronavirus in the country on March 11. The injured are among four Italian tourists who arrived at Jose Marti International Airport in Havana on March 09. They stayed in a hotel in Trinidad, Sancti Spiritus province, and showed symptoms of the disease.

They were taken to the Pedro Korean Institute of Tropical Medicine (IPK) for sampling, which was sent to the national reference laboratory IPK for testing. The laboratory confirmed that three out of four tourists were positive test results for nCoV.

Guyana reported the first case of coronavirus, as well as the first COVID-19 death on March 11.

Death is a 52-year-old woman who returned home from a trip to the United States. She was initially diagnosed with uncontrolled diabetes and high blood pressure after she sought medical care upon her arrival on March 05.

Additional tests revealed that the woman was infected with the Coronavirus and died due to her underlying health conditions as well as complications related to the Coron virus.

Health officials began tracking down people who called her. Guyana also checks all passengers coming from the affected countries.

The first two COVID-19 phone cases were reported in Honduras on March 11. One case involves a 42-year-old pregnant woman who arrived from Spain, while the other case is a 37-year-old Honduran woman who arrived from Switzerland.

Spain and Switzerland are among the European countries most affected by the Coronavirus.

Both cases are reported to have a mild case of infection and have been isolated in their homes.

The Swedish Public Health Authority confirmed the first case of the Coron virus in Jonkoping on January 31. The patient is a woman who arrived in Sweden from Wuhan on January 24 but had no symptoms at the time. She was isolated in Rehov County Hospital

The first death from coronavirus occurred in Sweden on March 11, for an elderly patient in the Stockholm region. Some areas in Sweden where confirmed cases have been reported include Vastra Gotaland, Stockholm, Jönköping and Uppsala.

As cases increase in the country, the Swedish Public Health Agency raises the risk assessment from low to medium.

The government has implemented various steps to control the spread of the disease, including the temporary suspension of flights operated by Iran Air. All direct flights between Iran and Sweden have been suspended by the Swedish Transport Agency.

The first Irish infected with the Coronavirus is a male with a history of travel to Italy. Ireland's first death from coronavirus was reported on March 11.

Ireland reported the first suspected case of a person who came from Wuhan and admitted him to Royal Victoria Hospital, but the Ministry of Health confirmed that the tests were negative on January 25.

Six Irish citizens were on board the Diamond Princess in Japan, whose test results confirmed the presence of COVID-19.

Coronavirus infection and the death toll in Italy have risen sharply beyond South Korea, marking the largest number of deaths and deaths outside China. The Italian Democrat is among those infected with the coronavirus.

Italy reported its first COVID-19 death on February 22, followed by another death after one day and five others on February 24. Deaths have increased significantly since then.

Although the coronavirus was initially confined to northern Italy, it later spread to the rest of the country. The Italian government has implemented various measures to control the spread of the epidemic, including closures, limiting transport, and closing public buildings. The Venice Festival, an annual event, has been closed as part of the measures.

Cases of coronavirus in Belgium have been increasing sharply since March 4. The country has reported three deaths from coronavirus infection. The first death was reported on March 11 for a 90-year-old patient being treated at a clinic in Brussels.

The cases more than doubled from the previous 23 to 50 on March 05, when 27 news cases were confirmed. Cases also jumped to 109 on March 06.

New cases were announced on March 05 in Flanders (16), Wallonia (9) and Brussels (two cases).

Belgium confirmed the first case of coronavirus on February 04, when a person who was repatriated proved positive to the virus in Brussels. The case refers to a person who recently returned from Wuhan. The patient recovered and went out.

Indonesia confirmed two cases of coronavirus infection on March 02. Among the injured are a 64-year-old woman and a 31-year-old daughter. The two are suspected of being infected by a Japanese citizen who returned to Malaysia and was confirmed to have contracted the virus.

The country's first death on March 11 was reported to a 53-year-old woman.

A total of 50 suspected coronavirus infections have been reported across the country. Two cases were reported in Bandung, West Java, one in Sorong, West Papua, one in Cedar, East Java, and four in Central Java. Samples of suspected cases are negative.

The government implemented various measures to contain the spread of the virus. It installed thermal checks in all airports and ports and revoked the entry visa for all Chinese citizens. It also suspended all flights to and from China, as well as a temporary ban on imports of live animals.

On February 09, 200 evacuated Indonesians from Wuhan arrived in the country. They were put under quarantine for 14 days in the Natuna Islands, in Riau Province.

A total of 78 Indonesia was on the Diamond Diamond cruise ship. The Indonesian government evacuated 69 citizens whose test results were negative for March 01. The evacuees were put under quarantine for two weeks on Siparo Island.

The first two confirmed cases of coronaviruses in Bolivia were reported on March 11 by the Qatari Minister of Health. The two people are women between the ages of 60 and 64.

The 65-year-old woman from San Carlos was taken to a hospital in Santa Cruz after locals prevented her from accessing at least four hospitals.

Panama became the latest country in Central America to report the first case of the Coronavirus on March 10. The individual is a 40-year-old woman who recently traveled to Spain. Samples from the women were positive at the Conmemorativo Gorgas Institute.

It is reported that the woman showed mild symptoms of the disease and was isolated in her home. Health officials will make regular visits to her home to check her condition.

The country's first death reported on March 11 for a 64-year-old man. He was reported to have complications related to diabetes and bacterial pneumonia.

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